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January 25, 2021 By admin

Bajaj Eye Care Center Uses An International Standard for Its Lasik Eye Surgery

Bajaj Eye Care Center Uses An International Standard for Its Lasik Eye Surgery

Bajaj Eye Care Center announces an international standard for its Lasik eye surgery. The goal is to give better Lasik eye surgery.

Bajaj Eye Care Center, one of the eye centers that offer Lasik eye surgery in Delhi, announces eye surgery with international standards. It is crucial to verify that this eye care center is classified and ready to do Lasik safely. The general manager of this eye center explained, “The Lasik eye surgery procedure means that the eye care center uses the latest and sophisticated equipment and facilities. Let’s say we use SMILE as one of the most high-tech lasers for correcting the cornea.”

Lasik helps people with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism problems to get their normal vision back. The data explains that Lasik eye surgery procedure is safer and quicker than traditional eye surgery procedures. Patients don’t need to do any complex surgical treatments that may harm their eyes. The general manager of this eye care center stated, “Patients who come to the eye center will have to consult their vision problems with our specialists. Then, they have to take several eye examinations to verify their problems and the best treatment to take. Patients only take 20 to 30 minutes of Lasik surgery procedure. The recovery is fast in which patients only have to take a rest for two up to 4 hours. They can do their normal activities the next day if the procedure affects their vision.” It becomes one of the centers that offer a flapless and bladeless Lasik eye surgeon in Delhi

The Lasik cost in Delhi varies, and it depends on the vision problems and the complicatedness to handle the situation. Patients have to prepare for about Rs 18,000 to Rs 36,000 per eye. The cost is worth it with the result patients will get. The specialist explained, “Since we are following the international standard, we will do the Lasik surgery in a high standard. We verify the hygiene and safety protocols before starting the procedure. The center only uses technologies that pass through the international standard. It is challenging for us, but we hope that this improvement can help vision problem patients maximally.”

Dr. Rajiv Bajaj, the founder of Bajaj Eye Care Center, has a mission to handle India’s vision problems with advanced technologies. The success rate is higher if the center uses high-tech technologies and experienced eye specialists. The use of the international standard shows that this eye care center wants to give the best. At least, people in Delhi know where to go if they have a vision problem.

About Bajaj Eye Care Center:

Bajaj Eye Care Center is an eye care center in India developed by Dr. Rajiv Bajaj. The mission of this center is to give the best eye care treatments for Indians with vision problems.

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