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Bajaj Eye Care Centre Offers Competitive Cost for Lasik Eye Surgery in Delhi

Bajaj Eye Care Centre Offers Competitive Cost for Lasik Eye Surgery in Delhi

Bajaj Eye Care Center is a prominent Lasik Surgery Center in Delhi. The clinic has successfully performed many LASIK surgeries since 1996.

Bajaj Eye Care Center is a NABH accredited eye clinic treatment that provides Lasik Surgery In Delhi. Bajaj Eye Care Center has successfully performed many LASIK eye surgeries for Delhi and International patients by its licensed and experienced eye specialist, Dr. Rajiv Bajaj. Dr. Bajaj is the foremost ophthalmologist in Delhi, specializing in laser vision correction utilizing LASIK eye surgery and SMILE, a bladeless and minimally invasive procedure. Currently, Dr. Rajiv Bajaj practices in Bajaj Eye Care Center, Pitampura, Delhi.

Bajaj Eye Care Center company spokesperson explained, ā€œLasik Surgery In Delhi is now becoming popular, easier, and affordable. People tend to choose Lasik surgery to get their clear vision back quickly and painless procedure. Lasik surgery only needs a 20 to 30 minutes procedure for two eyes. Our eye treatment clinic offers a wide range of eye treatment procedures. They include photorefractive keratotomy, conventional LASIK, SBK Lasik, Bladeless Lasik, SMILE (flapless and bladeless eye surgery procedures), and Presbyond (near sight or presbyopia correction procedure for patients over 40 years and beyond).

Dr. Rajiv Bajaj and his staff are dedicated to providing International Standard Eye treatment in Delhi. Bajaj Eye Care Center also employs knowledgeable and experienced staff as well as utilizes the most advanced equipment like EXCIMER LASER machine MEL-80 (CARL ZEISS GERMANY) to get the best Lasik surgery result. With competitive Lasik Cost In Delhi, Bajaj Eye Care also became the best Lasik eye center with affordable cost in India and trusted by international patients.

One of Bajaj Eye Care Center testified, ā€œI got my Lasik with a SMILE procedure done by Dr.Bajaj. It was really safe, and Dr.Bajaj and the staff are highly skilled and experienced. Iā€™m very pleased that my vision got back to normal.ā€

About Bajaj Eye Care Center

Bajaj Eye Care Center is a leading Lasik surgery with the most affordable Lasik Eye Surgery Cost In Delhi. The clinic was established by Dr. Rajiv Bajaj, a senior eye specialist in Pitampura, Delhi. He specializes in computerized laser eye surgery and incorporates the most advanced technology such as Refractive surgery, MICS, and Phaco surgery in his practice.

To make an appointment and consultation with Dr. Bajaj, please call 011-47024919 / 27012054 or visit

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