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May 24, 2022 By admin

Contact Lens Intolerance And Smile Eye Surgery

Contact Lens Intolerance And Smile Eye Surgery


About 40 million Americans depend upon contact lenses for temporary solutions to vision problems. Contact lens intolerance (CLI) is a term that indicates the stage at which the eye cannot tolerate the lens that we have been using for years. The eyes treat the contact lenses as foreign particles, and inflammation begins to occur in the eyes, and there may also be signs of rejection of the lens. If the person suffering from this condition uses any contact lenses, he/she may not be able to use them for a long time. If the lenses are used for a long time in such conditions, then the wearer may experience discomfort, pain, and in some cases, injury also. Most contact lens users who use it to correct the different forms of refractive disorders might have experienced one or the other form of contact lens intolerance. It is a common eye condition and the chances of getting affected by its increase with age.

What Are The Symptoms Of Contact Lens Intolerance?

Some people experience the symptoms once or twice a year, while others may feel it daily. It means that they would not be able to wear the contact lenses anymore. Some of the symptoms of the contact lens intolerance are given below:-

  • Redness.
  • Irritation.
  • Inflammation.
  • Dryness and itching.
  • Feeling of stinging pain at the time of applying contact lens.
  • Development of ulcers in the cornea (the clear outer layer at the front of the eyes)
  • Abrasion in the cornea

Risk Factors Associated With Contact Lenses.

Some of the risks with the use of contact lenses are:-

  • About 30 to 40 Percent of people who use contact lenses do not follow the care instructions required to use the contact lenses. Due to this, the lenses may irritate the eyes after some use.
  • Improper cleaning techniques and replacing contact lenses more often can also lead to a serious eye infection.

What Are The Solutions To Contact Lens Intolerance?

  • Several ways can be used to get rid of these contact lens intolerance and symptoms of Contact lens intolerance.
  •  Eliminating the symptoms and signs of contact lens intolerance is also important because of the pain and discomfort caused by it.
  • If you face any signs and symptoms of contact lens intolerance, you should visit the doctor. He/she will first try to correct it by changing the brand and quality of the lens. If it is still not treated, the doctor may advise some surgical methods to treat the condition.
  • The best way to terminate the problem of contact lens intolerance is to undergo laser vision correction surgery called SMILE eye surgery.
  • Small Incision Lenticellate Extraction (SMILE) is a minimally invasive surgery known as keyhole surgery. It is done by using a VisuMax femtosecond laser.
  • It is a bladeless and flapless surgery. However, it is less invasive than any other laser vision correction option.
  • Since the incision made is so small and no flap is created in this surgery, the chances of flap complications are also reduced to a greater extent.
  • The recovery time is the least in this procedure. Also, theduration of this surgery is very short. Small Incision Lenticellate Extraction (SMILE) eye surgery is used to correct the different refractive errors of the eyes like near-sightedness (a person can see near objects but may find it difficult to focus on far placed objects), far-sightedness (the person can see the far object but near objectsmay seem to be blurry), and astigmatism (in this condition the shape of the cornea of the person is changed).
  • Therefore, reducing the requirement of any eyeglasses or contact lenses. In addition, this surgery method is suitable for people who are not a good candidate for other laser eye surgery like LASIK or PRP surgery.


Contact lens intolerance is caused by several factors like carelessness in using contact lenses and not following the safety and care instructions about the use of contact lens use. It can cause day-to-day variations in the person’s daily life. Usually, after long term use of the contact lens, this condition may occur. In this condition, the eye starts showing the signs of rejection of contact lenses and may cause pain and discomfort. Numerous methods can be used to prevent it. SMILE surgery is a good method to cure contact lens intolerance.

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