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February 2, 2022 By admin

Delhi’s Best Clinic For Eye Surgery, Bajaj Eye Care Launches Smile Eye Surgery

Delhi’s Best Clinic For Eye Surgery, Bajaj Eye Care Launches Smile Eye Surgery

Bajaj Eye Care offered a new eye treatment as the alternative of LASIK surgery. This new treatment is called SMILE eye surgery, which has many benefits for patients.

LASIK eye surgery has become a common treatment for various eye problems that everyone could have. However, that could be a problem for some people who have no qualifications to receive LASIK surgery. Bajaj Eye Care, one of the top providers of Lasik Surgery In Delhi, offered a solution for this matter. Its new treatment is called SMILE or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction surgery method. It uses a computer-guided laser, which is also known as bladeless surgery. This treatment offers various benefits for patients. It uses minimally invasive procedures, is odourless, has no flap formation, has fewer complications, and has a fast recovery. Since its launch, this treatment has attracted many people who need eye surgery in India.

Bajaj Eye Care itself has been around since 1996. Founded by Dr. Rajiv Bajaj, one of the top eye specialists in India, this clinic provides various solutions and treatments for eye problems. Lasik eye surgery is the main service of this clinic. Then, it also provides the alternative for that surgery, which is the latest addition, the SMILE eye surgery. This clinic accepts patients of all ages. It is all thanks to the latest and advanced equipment that help the procedure of eye surgery can be done safely. Currently, this clinic has become the top destination for Smile eye surgery in Delhi.

The representative of Bajaj Eye Care explained, “We always put our patients as a priority. Therefore, we provide the best treatment and services that can make the patients feel comfortable and relaxed when using our service. We have been doing this concept since this clinic was founded. Therefore, it is not surprising if people always choose our place to get Smile LASIK in Delhi. So, we also invite you to visit our clinic whenever you need LASIK eye surgery. We welcome you with the best solution that you need.” More information about SMILE and LASIK eye surgery is available at Bajaj Eye Care’s official website.

About Bajaj Eye Care

Bajaj Eye Care is a top eye clinic in Delhi that has been operated since 1996. Established by Dr. Rajiv Bajaj, this clinic offers one of the top Lasik eye surgeries. It also uses advanced technology for eye surgery, including the latest service, SMILE eye surgery.

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