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December 19, 2019 By admin

Evolution of laser vision correction

Evolution of laser vision correction

Excimer Laser

  • Technology has been around since at least 25 years
  • Stable Technology
  • Excellent results (>95% of all eyes are within +/-0.5D)
  • Ability to customize treatments
  • High Patient Awareness and Acceptance

Conventional LASIK

  • Mechanical Microkeratome to create a hinged flap.
  • Flap is lifted to one side and excimer laser ablation is carried out.
  • In Excimer Laser ablation Tissue is ablated from the cornea, equivalent to the correction achieved.

Femtosecond Laser

  • Well established Safety Profile for making LASIK Flaps
  • Several Advantages
  • “Locked In” Flap
  • Fully Sterile
  • Presice control of Flap thickness
  • Thin Flaps possible
  • More Predictability and low complication profile relative to mechanical microkeratome flaps
  • Preferred choice for making LASIK flaps

Introducing The Next Generation of Laser Vision Correction

No LASIK-like flap

No flap complications such as displacement and dislodgement.

Less post surgery dry-eye discomfort

Reduced post-operative discomfort from dry eyes, as the majority of the upper corneal structure remains untouched during treatment.

Less night vision problems

Less induction of optical aberrations as no corneal flap is created.

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