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June 1, 2022 By admin

Is Lasik A Safe Procedure?

Is Lasik A Safe Procedure?


The LASIK procedure is a safe and effective eye procedure. It corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Every year, lakhs of people throughout the world get rid of glasses and contact lenses through the LASIK procedure.

What Are The Advantages Of Lasik?

LASIK is an advanced technology procedure. It offers several advantages to the patients. Some of them are:

  • Safe and effective: LASIK is a highly safe procedure. Every year millions of people undergo the LASIK procedure. Overall satisfaction is in over 95% of the patients who had undergone the LASIK procedure. It is also a highly effective procedure and provides immediate results.
  • Improved vision: More than 95% of the patients achieve vision correction through LASIK. It will improve the confidence and overall quality of life.
  • Long-lasting: The results of the LASIK procedure are permanent. The patient may only require the surgery if the improvement of the vision is not satisfactory or the eyesight is considerable changes with age.
  • Use of contact lenses and glasses avoided: After LASIK surgery, the person does not require any contact lenses or glasses. Thus, there is no need to care for the contact lens and glasses and remembering to carry the extra pair.
  • Quick recovery time: LASIK surgery is a highly advanced surgery, and there are no stitches or bandages involves. In most cases, a person can resume normal activities within a day after surgery. However, due care should be taken if the person has to work in an environment with dust. Seek more information from your doctor about the resumption of the job.
  • Painless procedure: LASIK surgery is relatively a painless procedure. However, the person may experience discomfort during and after the procedure. It can be managed through medications.
  • Cost-effective: Although the cost of LASIK surgery is more as compared to glasses and contact lenses; however, in the long run, the procedure is cost-effective.

Is Lasik A Safe Procedure?

LASIK is a safe procedure. Although people believe that LASIK is a new procedure. But in reality, it was approved by the United States regulatory authority more than 20 years ago. The procedure has an over 95% satisfaction rate which is quite high in the case of elective or compulsory surgeries. For the last two decades, the LASIK procedure has been done in millions of patients. Further, it corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. With LASIK surgery, patients can see, enjoy their life, and importantly, got rid of their contact lenses and glasses.

Are You A Good Candidate For The Lasik Procedure?

Although LASIK is highly safe and effective surgery, not all people with eye problems are eligible for undergoing this procedure. Your doctor will comprehensively examine your eyes to determine your candidature for the LASIK procedure. Some of the qualifications for LASIK surgery are:

  • You should have a stable prescription for at least 12 months.
  • You should be 18 years of age.
  • Not strong prescription (-12 nearsightedness and +6D farsightedness)
  • You should have a thick cornea, and your pupil should also be big enough.
  • You should be otherwise healthy and should not be suffering from any autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis or Sjogren’s disease.

What Should You Know About The Lasik From Your Eye Specialist?

You should seek information about the procedure, the duration of surgery, and the recovery period from your eye specialist. Further, you may also seek consultation about your candidature and the cost involved. You may also seek information about the side effects and long-term effects of LASIK surgery. Further, you can ask the eye specialist about the revision surgery or surgery required in old age. You must get as much information as you can to avoid any surprising facts or circumstances.

What Are The Various Measures For Reducing The Side Effects Of The Lasik Procedure?

Like other surgical procedures, you may also experience side effects and complications from LASIK surgery. You must follow all the instructions given by your doctor. During recovery, there is a healing of the corneal flap. Thus, you must avoid any activity during your recovery period that adversely affects flap healing. Thus, you must avoid contact sports and rubbing your eyes. Further, avoid contact of eyes with water as it may result in infection. Also, never miss a scheduled follow-up visit.

How Can I Choose The Best Lasik Surgeon?

Several factors may help in choosing the best LASIK surgeon. You should look for a surgeon with extensive experience in performing LASIK surgery. It would be better if you could identify the experience of the surgeon, specifically in your type of disease. You may also consult with the surgeon to know more about the types of surgeries he is performing and other details. Further, you may also take the guidance of family members, relatives, friends, and colleagues who have undergone LASIK surgery.

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