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December 12, 2020 By admin

Laser Cataract Surgery: How Is It Different From Traditional Cataract Surgery?

Laser Cataract Surgery: How Is It Different From Traditional Cataract Surgery?


LASER cataract surgery utilizes the LASER during the surgical procedure for cataract. However, the LASER does not remove the cataract; rather, it assists the surgeon in making cuts and incisions. The precise cataract removal is done through the phacoemulsification process. You should get more information about LASER cataract surgery from the best eye surgeon in Delhi.

Laser Cataract Surgery And Traditional Cataract Surgery

When people hear the use of LASER in eye surgery, they think that the surgery uses the LASER, which has various benefits. However, it may not always be the case. In some cases, the use of LASER may be without or little benefits. Though the use of LASER in LASIK surgery has significant benefits in removing the glasses and make your vision clear, these benefits may not be reproducible when it comes to cataract surgery.

When we talk about LASER in eye treatment, we talking about the use of femtosecond LASER. It is important to note that LASER cataract surgery does use the femtosecond LASER, but unlike common belief, it does not remove the cataract. The doctor uses the phacoemulsification procedure to remove the cataract.

The doctor uses the LASER for cuts and incision, which has a limited impact on the outcome of cataract surgery. The important steps that impact the cataract surgery outcome are the phacoemulsification process and the types of lens used in your eye. After all, at the end of the day, you require a clear vision.

As the procedure is done on your eyes, you have all the rights in the world to clear your concerns and ask questions about the procedure from your doctor. So, when the doctor advises you to undergo LASER cataract surgery, ask if he will use the only LASER to remove the cataract or will also use the phacoemulsification procedure. He cannot say no to the phacoemulsification process as it is the base of modern cataract surgery. However, some eye surgeons in the rural areas still use the manual procedure for removing the cataract.

Thus, do not get trapped in the word “LASER cataract surgery” as it does not remove the cuts. If you have all the information about LASER cataract surgery and still want to go with it, there is absolutely no problem. But why to end up paying more if the chances of complications with the steps that LASER substitutes in cataract surgery are relatively rare. Instead, you should focus on the type of lens that best suits you.

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