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October 29, 2020 By admin

LASIK And Near-Sightedness

LASIK And Near-Sightedness


Are you having difficulty in looking far away objects? Did you feed up with glasses or contact lenses for viewing objects that are far away? Then what are you waiting for? LASIK effectively corrects near-sightedness. The procedure is quick, with immediate results and rare complications.

Is It Possible To Correct Near-Sightedness Thorugh Lasik Surgery?

Near-sightedness is also known as myopia. In this condition, the person has clear near vision but unable to see the far objects clearly. This occurs because the light does not focus properly on the retina due to a steep curve in the cornea or problem in eyeball growth. With proper management of the underlying problem, the light will not focus on the retina, and thus the condition persists.

LASIK surgery is the most common surgery to correct refractive errors such as myopia. Through LASIK surgery, the surgeon corrects the corneal problem resulting in proper vision.

LASIK surgery is out-patient surgery with instant results. Most patients have permanent vision improvement. However, some patients have progressive myopia. In such patients, the doctor performs revision surgery. However, various factors affect the eligibility of patients for revision surgery. This includes the thickness of the cornea or the severity of near-sightedness.

If you are not eligible for the LASIK surgery to correct near-sightedness due to any reason, consult with the best eye surgeon in Delhi to discuss surgical options other than LASIK.

How Lasik Surgery Manages Nearsightedness?

The doctor performs LASIK surgery in two steps. In the first step, the doctor forms a flap in the cornea to expose the underlying tissue. In the next step, the doctor reshapes the cornea through excimer LASER. Reshaping of cornea results in the proper focus of light on the retina. Many surgeons limit the use of LASIK surgery for severe cases of neat-sightedness. Mild myopia can be corrected through PRK, another type of eye surgery to correct refractive errors.

How To Choose The Best Lasik Surgeon?

Eyes are valuable organs, and you should not comprise the experience and expertise of the surgeon while searching for the best LASIK surgeon in Delhi. The best surgeon will have extensive experience and is known for giving excellent outcomes. Further, search for the best surgeon that meets your needs, such as for LASIK, PRK, or any other advanced eye surgery. A similar search should also be applicable while looking for surgeons for cataract surgery.

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