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March 30, 2021 By admin

LASIK Delhi Introduces SMILE Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK Delhi Introduces SMILE Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK Delhi introduces SMILE laser eye surgery. It is an option for patients who don’t meet the criteria for LASIK surgery.

LASIK Delhi, a laser eye center in Delhi, introduces SMILE laser eye surgery. It is also a part of the LASIK surgery procedure but with a minimally invasive procedure. This eye care centre releases this program as a quick and proven LASIK surgery procedure patients can choose. The representation of this laser eye centre explained, “SMILE or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction is one of the fast-growing laser vision corrections. We use this program to treat patients with myopia. The difference between SMILE and the ordinary LASIK is the steps. SMILE is using one step, where LASIK is using two steps.”

In this procedure, a surgeon is about to make a small incision on the cornea. The function of this incision is to remove the small cornea tissue and reshape the cornea. This process is using a sophisticated light to make sure that the Surgeon does the procedure precisely. The representation of this centre added, “It is a quick procedure. It is why people love to take the SMILE procedure. A patient will do the procedure in a few minutes. They even feel the result within 24 hours after surgery. Dr Rajiv Bajaj is a reputable LASIK eye surgeon in Delhi who will do the procedure.”

Indeed, SMILE offers more benefits to patients. One of the best benefits is minimally invasive. It means that patients or people can’t see the scar of the surgery procedure. The Surgeon will only create a 3mm incision. This incision is the smallest compared to LASIK and PRK. The representation stated, “Surgeon creates up to 20mm incision in LASIK surgery and 8mm in PRK. It is large enough compared to SMILE. Patients don’t need to see flap formation as they often see in LASIK surgery. The most important thing is that both of the eye surgery procedures are safe.”

The eye care centre releases SMILE to solve patients with a thin cornea and need LASIK surgery to solve their eye issues. People with dry eye syndrome and eye issues because of contact sports can’t take LASIK surgery. SMILE becomes a solution for them so that they can get their normal vision back. LASIK surgery specialist in Delhi support SMILE, and it makes the result maximally. The representation added, “We expect that people with vision problems get hope by taking SMILE eye surgery procedure. They also know where to go if they have to take this procedure right away.”  

About Lasik Delhi:

Lasik Delhi is ready to help people with vision problems with the LASIK eye surgery procedure. This centre is also offering a SMILE for patients who don’t meet the criteria for LASIK surgery.

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