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October 19, 2020 By admin

Precautions Taken Just After LASIK Surgery

Precautions Taken Just After LASIK Surgery


LASIK surgery is safe and highly effective in treating various eye disorders. When we say “highly effective” it is not only the surgeons or technology that makes it effective, it is also the patient who plays an important part in the success of LASIK surgery. The patient should adhere to the doctor’s instructions and avoid certain activities while recovering from LASIK surgery. If you wish to undergo LASIK, search for the best doctor who performs LASIK eye surgery in Delhi.

Why Take Precautions After LASIK Surgery?

Ophthalmologists perform LASIK surgery to correct various eye disorders. These disorders are short-sightedness, long-sightedness, and astigmatism. Although LASIK is quick and painless surgery, after all, it is a surgery. During LASIK, the inner tissue of the cornea is exposed, thereby increasing the risk of infection.

Further, the cornea requires healing. To increase the chances of a positive outcome and provide you with accurate vision correction, you should take precautions. You should strictly adhere to the instructions given by your doctor.

What Precautions Should Be Taken After LASIK Surgery?

The doctor may prescribe you various medications after the LASIK surgery. These medications may either for preventing infection or to avoid dry eyes. However, while you administer the medication strictly as per schedule, there are certainly other activities you should avoid while recovering from LASIK surgery. These are:

Swimming: Water in the swimming pool is one of the best places for bacteria to flourish. Although the antibiotic eye drops are effective against infection, why take a risk. You should avoid swimming pools or hot tubs for at least one week after the surgery. 

Applying make-up: Do not apply make-up for at least 3 months after the surgery. This may irritate the eyes and interfere with the healing process. If you start to have make-up, ensure that it does not go into the eyes. Remove it by moving your hands downwards.

Exposure to UV radiation: Asyour cornea is in the healing stage, exposing your eyes to UV radiation may irritate them. Never forget to wear goggles while moving out with 1-2 weeks after LASIK surgery.

Rubbing your eyes: Never rub your eyes after LASIK surgery. Your cornea is in the recovery phase, and rubbing the eyes may interfere with this process. Further, any germs in your hands increase the risk of infection. In case there is any dust or particles in your eyes, remove it by administering the artificial tears.

Strenuous exercise: Do not perform the strenuous exercise for at least one month after the LASIK surgery. The sweat produced during these activities may reach your eyes, leading to delayed healing, irritation, and possible infection. These activities may also put a strain on your eyes.

Dust and polluted environment: Avoid the areas contaminated with pollens, dust, and smoke. Such an environment irritates the eyes and initiates your urge for rubbing.

Wetting your eyes: Avoid any possible contact of tap water with your eyes. Tap water is not sterile and may increase your risk of infection. Do not shower for the first few days. After that, avoid a direct stream of the show on your eyes. In terms of flushing, your eyes require only medications and artificial tears.

Prolonged watching phone and computer screens:  Avoid watching the computer or mobile screens for at least 1-2 days after the LASIK surgery.  This will unnecessarily put a strain on your eyes.

Missing scheduled visits: The doctor will advise you to visit twice within a week after LASIK surgery. During the visit, the doctor will examine the vision of the eyes and the status of recovery. Avoid missing these visits as these may be critical for your vision.

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