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ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Treatment

ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Treatment

What is ReLEx SMILE?

ReLEx SMILE is the latest development of Femto-LASIK procedure. SMILE basically stands for small incision lenticule extraction. It combines state-of-the-art femtosecond technology with high-precision lenticular extraction. It is often referred as ‘bladeless LASIK’. SMILE procedure is designed to treat Myopia (Short sight) and Astigmatism within certain limits.

Side effects of old generation LASIK like, corneal stability, dry eyes or flap related issues are reduced up to a certain extent. The ReLEx SMILE technique is performed using the highly precise advanced VisuMax femtosecond laser. It is the 3rd generation of laser vision correction after PRK and LASIK Eye Surgery. The method was pioneered by Carl Zeiss Meditec and the entire process is painless, bladeless, and stitch less.

This treatment method is chosen by those patients who have a fear of having a “cut” in their eyes. The Femtosecond laser makes a small “lenticule”, corresponding to the visual correction of the eye being treated.

It is at par excellence with traditional eye surgery which utilizes hand-held tools like diamond blades. A survey shows that almost 92-98% of eye patients are happy with the post-surgery results of ReLEx SMILE.

SMILE procedure is ideal for contact sport injuries as well as lifestyle choices like swimming, exercise as it has been used for higher corrections. As such, it has become the fastest growing laser vision correction procedure globally.

How SMILE procedure is done?

Smile procedure requires 2-3 hours of hospital stay. Just like LASIK, SMILE needs 5-10 minutes operating time only per eye. It mainly comprises of three steps:

Step 1: Creating lenticule

Lenticule is a disc-shaped piece of corneal tissue. Firstly, eye drops are applied to numb eyes while covering the eye that is not being treated. VisuMax femtosecond laser will dock and you will feel gentle pressure but no pain. A green flashing light holds your gaze. Within a span of 25 seconds VisuMax creates a refractive lenticule. This lenticule is made without affecting superficial layer of cornea.

Step 2: Removing Lenticule

The lenticule is separated from the overlying and underlying cornea with a thin blunt spatula without disrupting the corneal biomechanics The refractive lenticule is then extracted with forceps through a small corneal incision. Cornea structure remains undisrupted & stable.

Step 3: Rehabilitation

After the Lenticule removal, cornea gets reshaped to correspond to the ideal shape for correct vision and achieving the desired refractive correction. The micro-incision self heals.

Recovery Phase

Physical tissue recovery in ReLEx SMILE is quicker when compared to LASIK. This is because there is not ‘cut’ or flap made. You will be able to see immediately after the treatment is completed and you sit up although your vision will be blurry. The small incision through which the lenticule is removed heals very quickly, by end of the day or next. 

However in case of LASIK it takes usually 15 days. We will ask you to start using your eye drops later on the day of your procedure. Artificial tears can be used to keep the eyes well lubricated, in case your eyes feel dry or gritty.

Few things to remember for speedy recovery:

  • While going outdoors at least for a week wear sunglasses after the surgery.
  • You may be a book lover but avoid any intense reading for 48 hours.
  • After the procedure, it is advisable not to drive, as you will be more light sensitive.
  • Now you have to avoid travelling for at least a week as you will be asked to come for follow-up visits.
  • Stay away from any form of digital screens especially reading on and looking at computer screens, smart phones, and other mobile devices until your doctor allows you after thorough examination.
  • Wear eye protection and any kind of irritant like smoke or dust to prevent yourself from any form of infection.
  • Any form of chemical usually eye makeup is avoided for at least a week and moreover, make up brushes are common carriers of harsh chemicals and bacteria, which can delay the healing process.
  • Special care is taken while washing your hair for the first week, to avoid any tap water in your eyes.
  • Strictly follow the medication prescribed by your doctor. Putting antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops on time not only prevents you from infection but also helps you in faster recovery.
  • Avoid contact sports at least for 15 days and take care of your hairs and sweat while exercising and doing any form of physical activity.

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