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July 18, 2022 By admin

Should I Go For Laser Eye Surgery? Is It Safe?

Should I Go For Laser Eye Surgery? Is It Safe?


The eyes are the most complex and important part of the body. It helps us see our surroundings, and one of the most commonly asked questions about the treatment of eyes is whether laser eye surgery is safe or not? Should I opt for it? Your eyes are very precious. You must be cautious about any procedure that involves your eyes.However, you should be reassured that the different forms of laser eye surgery like SMILE, LASIK, and LASEK are completely safe.

Who Are The Best Candidates For Laser Eye Surgery?

  • Myopia (nearsightedness): In this condition, the patient can see the near object clearly but may feel it difficult to see far placed objects. Far objects may be seen as blurry.
  • Hyperopia (farsightedness): A person can see the far object in this condition, but the nearly placed objects are blurred.
  • Astigmatism (differently shaped eye): In this condition, the shape of the eyes gets changed. The eyes of the affected person may look irregularly shaped that is like a soccer ball.

Who Should Not Opt For Laser Eye Surgery?

The following types of people are not good candidates for laser eye surgery:-

  • A person who has changed their eye prescription in the last 12 months should not opt for the procedure.
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing
  • The person who is taking medicines that may affect the visuality of a person
  • A person who has a thin cornea (a clear membrane on the top of the eye) as thin cornea may result in un-stability after laser eye surgery.

Why Should I Choose Laser Eye Surgery?

People may go for laser eye surgery because of the following benefits of the laser eye surgery:

  • The patient does not need to wear contact lenses to see the surrounding clearly after the surgery.
  • If the person wishes to indulge in activities like outdoor games like cricket or swimming, that requires you not to wear eyeglasses. Then the person can start playing these activities after the laser eye surgery.
  • If the person is not comfortable with a contact lens and does not want to wear eyeglasses. Then he/she should go for laser eye surgery.

What Are The Risks And Complications Of The Laser Eye Surgery?

Some of the complications associated with laser eye surgery are:

  • Vision fluctuation: This is a very common complication observed after the surgery. However, this condition is temporary and may disappear after a few weeks.
  • Dry eyes: Dry eyes are the most common side effects experienced by the patient after the surgery. Patients who already have dry eyes and other conditions like anaemia and thyroid are at a greater risk of getting dry eyes after the surgery.
  • Feeling of glare and haloes: It is seen in many patients that after the surgery, they have started experiencing glares and haloes around the light source. It happens mostly in a dark environment, especially after the evening. However, these complications have been reduced to a greater extent after so much laser eye surgery technology advancement.

Some Myths And Frequently Asked Questions Related To Laser Eye Surgery?

How many laser eye surgeries are successful?

The effectiveness and efficacy of laser eye surgery are higher than any other procedure used to correct eye conditions. In a recent study conducted by over 190,000 people, it was found that the success rate of the laser eye procedure is about 99.2%.

How long a laser eye surgery takes?

The laser eye surgery procedure takes around 30 minutes for completing the operation procedure. However, the laser is applied to the eyes for only a few seconds to a few minutes. Exposure of the eye to the laser depends upon the degree of the eye condition.

How much does a laser eye surgery cost?

Due to advancements and new technologies being used in this procedure, it is very affordable. The cost of laser eye surgery is between 16,000 to 97,000. The cost depends upon the selection of the procedure and the premise/hospital where it is being done.

Would I feel any pain during laser eye surgery?

The doctor will apply anaesthesia to the eyes. Because of the effect of anaesthesia, the eyes of the patient will become numb. Hence there is no feeling of pain during surgery.

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