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May 5, 2022 By admin

Smile Eye Surgery Now Available At Bajaj Eye Care Centre Delhi

Smile Eye Surgery Now Available At Bajaj Eye Care Centre Delhi

Bajaj Eye Care Centre Delhi utilises the latest laser vision correction from ZEISS-VISUMAX for clearer vision, free from glasses and contact lenses. Bajaj Eye Care Centre is located in Pitampura, Delhi, and its Smile Eye Surgery is performed by Dr. Rajiv Bajaj, one of the best eye surgeons in Delhi.

Pitampura, Delhi – Bajaj Eye Care Centre has announced Smile eye surgery in Delhi. SMILE refractive procedure for eye treatment is now available at Bajaj Eye Care Centre, Pitampura, Delhi. Bajaj Eye Care Centre is a top-notch eye treatment centre in Delhi, established in 1996 by Dr. Rajiv Bajaj. Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) is an advanced eye surgery, a new refractive procedure to treat refractive errors such as hyperopia, myopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. Bajaj Eye Care Centre has complete facilities, and the latest laser vision correction from ZEISS is ready to treat patients with hypermetropia, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

A representative of Bajaj Eye Care Centre said, Smile lasik in Delhi is a less invasive procedure compared to LASIK surgery. It utilises computer-guided LASER technology. Therefore, surgeons can make accurate and predictable small incisions in the cornea. It only takes ten minutes or less, and the patient is allowed to carry out routine activities the next day after the surgery. Usually, they recover to normal condition within 24 hours of surgery.”

SMILE surgery provides many advantages for  the patient. This refractive procedure makes only a small incision into the corneal tissue, and no flap is created. Therefore, SMILE surgery has fewer complications and  a faster recovery. Bajaj Eye Care Centre is a reliable eye care centre for Smile for glass removal in DelhiPatients who want to improve their vision can make an appointment with surgeon Dr. Rajiv Bajaj before the surgical procedure. 

A Bajaj Eye Care Centre patient said, “I had my SMILE surgery by Dr. Bajaj. The surgery was completely safe and Dr.Bajaj is the right person for my refractive correction procedure with SMILE technology. He is very skilled and experienced.”

About Bajaj Eye Care Centre

Bajaj Eye Care Centre also known as, is a top-tier eye care centre in Delhi. The clinic is located at Pitampura, Delhi. They cater to patients from all over India and the world. Bajaj Eye Care Centre has been established for more than two decades with a high success rate. Bajaj Eye Care Centre surgeon, Dr. Rajiv Bajaj is a skilled Ophthalmologist practising in Pitampura area of Delhi.

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