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December 12, 2020 By admin

Swimming After Lasik Surgery

Swimming After Lasik Surgery


Many patients ask the doctor about when to start swimming after Lasik eye surgery. Swimming pool water or ocean water may cause irritation or redness in the eyes. Do not forget to administer the medications in the eyes. If the symptoms persist, consult with the best eye specialist in Delhi.

Water Of Swimming Pool Enters In Eye

You may have a stinging sensation when the water of the sea or swimming pool enters your eyes. Do not worry as this is normal. However, avoid rubbing the eyes if you have itching. Wash your eyes with normal drinking water. Continue to administer the medications that your doctor prescribes. You may also use artificial tears in your eyes till the symptoms disappear.

Scuba Diving After Lasik Surgery

The cornea is under the healing stage after Lasik surgery. During healing, your eyes are vulnerable to infection and allergic reactions. Thus, you should avoid scuba diving or river rafting for at least one month after the surgery. Avoid hot tubs as these may also cause irritation and infection. However, if you need to go back immediately to these activities, for instance, if you are a professional, then discuss with the best eye surgeon for other advanced treatment options.

Use Of Swimming Goggles After Lasik Surgery

Swimming goggles are an important and essential part while swimming. You should always wear swimming goggles irrespective of the fact that you may or may not have undergone Lasik eye surgery. Swimming goggles helps in protecting your eyes from the chlorine present in swimming pool water or salt present in seawater. Further, it also protects your eyes from infection due to bacteria or algae present in water.

Red Eyes After Swimming

In normal cases, when you have not undergone Lasik surgery, the water of the swimming pool may cause irritation and redness of the eyes due to the presence of chlorine or when the splash of water hits the eyes. If you have undergone Lasik eye surgery and experience redness and itching of eyes after swimming, do not worry. Continue the eye drops prescribed by the doctor. However, if the symptoms persist or worsen, contact the best eye surgeon in India.


Take optimum care of your eyes after Lasik surgery. Follow all the instructions of your doctor to get the best out of surgery. Water is a prominent source of infection and irritation. So avoid swimming or other activities involving a swimming pool or ocean at least one month after the surgery.

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