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Top 10 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Lasik Surgeon

Top 10 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Lasik Surgeon

Before you opt for LASIK, the most important thing is to be confident in the procedure. You should be comfortable with your surgeon. Get as much information as possible beforehand, as preparing for surgery can be quite overwhelming.

Here is the list of questions you should ask your surgeon while preparing for surgery during the consultation. You should not hesitate to ask other questions during the consultation. When you feel confident, comfortable, and ready to schedule for surgery, you will know you have found the right surgeon and place to get your LASIK

Am I A Perfect Candidate For Lasik Surgery?

Before undergoing LASIK, it is essential to evaluate if you can undergo LASIK surgery. LASIK is not for everyone. Your surgeon should be honest and open about that. Your LASIK surgeon will perform some tests and determine whether you are eligible for LASIK or not. Several conditions are considered while deciding eligibility, like having enough corneal thickness, not being pregnant, nursing, and not having corneal disease, autoimmune diseases, or severe dry eyes.

What Is The Experience And Prior Success Rates Of The Doctor Performing My Surgery?

You should be confident about the surgeon performing LASIK. LASIK centres have different surgeons to perform the surgery. While each surgeon has almost the similar qualifications they should achieve to perform LASIK, each surgeon’s experience varies. Therefore, you should check for the surgeon’s qualification, experience, training, and record track before committing to the treatment.

Does Lasik Provide Me Permanent Clear Vision?

LASIK permanently changes the corneal shape, which allows the better focus of the light on the retina. It may last permanently in some person till lifetime, whereas in some, it may last only some years and may need additional treatment down the line. Therefore, the duration varies from patient to patient. As with age, with other body parts, our eyes age too. As you get older, the symptoms may worsen as it does not prevent age-related eyesight degeneration.

What To Expect During The Surgery?

You should have a detailed overview and understanding of the LASIK procedure. Discuss the entire process from start to finish with your surgeon. Your surgeon will explain:

  • Step by step, each process
  • The time required for completing the process
  • Results you can expect
  • The time needed for healing after the surgery
  • Advantages and side effects
  • Precautions to be taken

What Are The Risks Of Lasik Surgery?

All surgeries have some risks associated with them. However, the risks associated with LASIK are generally mild which are:

  • Blurry and Hazy vision
  • Dry eyes
  • Infection in the eyes

They are treatable, and your surgeon will prescribe the eye drops for them.

The significant risk associated with LASIK is flap complications: flap wrinkling, flap breaking, displacing from its position, or debris trapped under the flap.

How Much Is The Cost Of Lasik Surgery?

The cost of LASIK is different at each LASIK centre. It is because the cost of LASIK depends on the centre where you are getting the treatment and the visual refractive correction needed for an eye.

Discuss the entire cost of the procedure with your surgeon. There should not be any extra hidden costs or fees for the surgeon, post-operative measures, or prescriptions.

How Much Time It Takes To Complete Lasik Surgery?

The actual surgery will take less than 15 minutes to complete. However, the laser is not used for more than 60 seconds on the eye.

Would I Feel Any Pain During The Lasik Surgery?

No, the surgeon uses the numbness drops in your eyes when performing the surgery. So there will be no pain at the time of surgery.

You may experience mild pain after completion of surgery once the numbness effects subside. The doctor will prescribe some medication and drops for pain.

How Would My Vision Changes After Lasik Surgery?

An experienced eye surgeon performs the surgery. It has an almost 95% of patient satisfaction rate. The safety and efficacy of this technique is high and many people don’t consider the second LASIK.

How Much Time Will It Take To Heal My Eyes After Lasik Surgery?

You will have a blurry or hazy vision for 4-5 hours and will see the results within the first 24 hours from the surgery. In weeks you will see significant results. You will have a stable vision in 3-4 months. The irritation and discomfort that you feel after the surgery may subside after few hours.

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