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May 24, 2022 By admin

Why Should You Have Lasik In Winter?

Why Should You Have Lasik In Winter?


Spectacles are the safe and simple solution of correcting vision but they too have certain disadvantages. Especially in winters, cold environments cause condensation on the lenses. You are forced to wipe your spectacles again and which can sometimes irritate you. To get rid of the cleaning cloths forever or wipe the lenses, again and again, LASIK is the best option for you during winters.

Certain studies suggest that LASIK can be affected due to certain environmental factors. Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity have links between the success of LASIK and other corrective procedures.

Researchers concluded that the lower level of humidity and cold temperature is the best conditions for LASIK surgery. Here is why you can fearlessly go for LASIK during winters.

Reasons Why Should Have LASIK In Winters

Millions of people bid goodbye to their old poor vision with LASIK eye surgery every year. Here are certain reasons why you should go for LASIK this winter.

Gift yourself vision this New Year

Many of us thinking to give a new start to every New Year. People make resolutions to start reading books, exercising daily, travelling to dream destinations, getting pictures without glasses and whatnot. So this New Year why not includes LASIK in the list. With a clear vision, you can do anything more effectively. Gift yourself vision with LASIK and say no to glasses. It will make your new year nicer by seeing things more clearly.

Minimum risk of allergies

Spring is the favourite season for allergies. Spring is miserable for contact lens-wearing patients. The lenses become uncomfortable for patients as they cause dryness, itching, redness in the eyes. You can skip the frustration with winter LASIK and reduce the chances of extra itching that can cause other ocular allergies.

Utilize your holidays for recovery

You can utilize your winter holidays without skipping your winter outing plans. As recovery after LASIK is fast and easy. You do not need to miss your working days. The recovery period after surgery is usually 24-48 hours so why not utilize the holidays for getting a clear vision.

You can spend time with your family while recovering your vision. You can enjoy Netflix and other screens because you don’t need to stay away from them for a long time.

Need not skip your beach plans

After a month of LASIK, patients are not allowed to swim. The patient can wash and shower their face but swimming is strictly restricted. If you love to swim and plan your summer on the beach, having LASER in winter is the best option for you. You can go with LASIK this winter and can enjoy your summer on beaches.

Get rid of fogging up glasses

In winters, all the glass wearers face the fogging up glasses problem. The difference in temperature of the cold outdoors and warm indoors can cause your lenses to fog up instantly. The problem can impair your vision temporarily but here we have a great solution for this that is LASIK. LASIK can also protect you from accidents during driving in winters and many such incidents.

Solution for dry eyes this winter

Windy conditions outdoors and the use of heaters inside the houses or offices can cause dry eyes. The eyes lose their moisture in cold temperatures due to evaporation. People also experience itching and burning sensations along with dryness in winters. The solution for dry eyes is to get LASIK that allows you to rope in the snow with any discomfort or itching, dryness.

Ease of travel

While packing for a trip, keeping your lenses and glasses safe is a big task. LASIK can help you deal with the problem. You need not worry about the lenses their solutions and other accessories. After LASIK you only need to worry about your outfits and other accessories while packing for the trip.

Better recovery outcomes

Studies show that winters are suitable for LASIK surgery. Cold temperature and humidity contribute to the procedure of LASIK surgery and increase the chances of quick recovery.


LASIK is a great solution to enhance the quality of life. It will be more effective in winter. LASIK in winters has its own crucial advantages. LASIK in winters allows you to enjoy the summer and spring months without any vision-related interruptions. LASIK is absolutely safe in winters but before undergoing any procedure, one must need to consult with the doctor. Take the advice of your doctor and fearlessly schedule your LASIK eye surgery in winter. 

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