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December 20, 2022 By admin

How To Protect Your Eyes During The Winter?

How To Protect Your Eyes During The Winter?

During the summer, we all take extra care of our skin and eyes, but what about the winter?

We cover up warmly in the winter to protect against the chilly winds, and we may use lip balm to calm chapped lips. However, did you know that there are steps we can take to protect our eyes as well?

To keep your eyes healthy when the weather is the coldest, try these winter eye protection tips:

Moisturizing your eyes:

Keep your eyes moisturized with lubricating eye drops or ointments to protect them, as the winter air is typically dry, and indoor heating makes it even dryer, which can lead to eye issues like irritation. Preventative steps like moisturizing the area around the eyes and avoiding sitting too close to the heater may also be helpful.

Remain hydrated:

It eases winter eye problems by naturally keeping your eyes moist and hydrated.It’s good for your body and eyes to drink fluids like hot water, herbal tea, and water that has been flavored with ginger and lemon.

Put on glasses:

Using contacts in the cold can be very uncomfortable. Glasses can be more comforting and useful.

Wear sunglasses with UV protection:

Not only are UV rays hazardous in the summer, but they can also injure us in the winter. In the winter, the rays are significantly more damaging to our eyes since they reflect off the reflective ground. Therefore, it’s crucial to wear UV-protective eyewear! When engaging in outside activities such as walking, running, or playing sports, the glasses shield your eyes from the sun’s rays, bright lights, dust, and ice particles. On a bright winter day, having a cap and sunscreen might also be helpful if you don’t want to wear sunglasses.

Consume a well-balanced diet:

A healthy diet is really important! Your body, especially your eyes, is impacted by your eating choices. Therefore, it’s crucial to consume nutrient-rich, vitamin- and mineral-rich foods for healthy eyes. Include seasonal vegetables like carrots, oranges, and other fruits and vegetables, seafood, and green leafy vegetables in your diet. To ensure that you are getting the right quantity of vitamins for your body, you can also ask your doctor to recommend a multivitamin.

Use humidifier:

People enjoy spending a lot of time indoors during the winter months, using room heaters, which can cause dry eyes. For dry eyes, using a humidifier can be quite helpful. It preserves indoor humidity, adds calming moisture to the air, and hydrates your eyes to prevent winter eye issues.

Why to visit Bajaj Eye Care Centre:

Winter time eye difficulties are frequent and if the issue persists, it is vital to visit an eye doctor for a thorough examination because it may potentially be a sign of a more serious eye issue.

Dr. Rajiv Bajaj, a highly skilled and experienced Ophthalmologist across India, offers specialized eye treatment and an honest clinical opinion with the goal of providing the finest eye care to everyone. To take care of the patients, Bajaj Eye Care Centre in Delhi has cutting-edge surgical and diagnostic technology and best-in-class equipment.

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