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  • Removal of Glasses with ICL (Implantable Contact Lenses)

  • Specs Removal Surgery

  • Specs Removal Surgery

  • Specs Removal Surgery

  • Specs Removal Surgery

  • SMILE Eye Surgery

  • SMILE Eye Surgery Done for Miss Rubal

  • Lasik Eye Surgery

  • Lasik Eye Surgery
  • I got my lasik (SMILE) done by Dr.Bajaj.It is really safe and Dr.Bajaj is highly skilled and experienced. He will not treat you like a patient infact he treat his patients like family member. Sir give proper care and attention to each and every patient. I have got excellent results. Clinic staff is also polite,Cooperative and hardworking. Highly recommended.

  • I got SMILE surgery done for vision correction and it’s one of the few centres which provides this new procedure in Delhi. And I’ve got EXCELLENT RESULTS. Everything healed 80% in less than 24 hours I gained 6/6 vision. It was pain free, and Dr. Bajaj guided me and my mom through the entire process himself. 10/10 recommend.

  • Its been almost 8 weeks since i got the SMILE surgery. Its really safe method and the doctor along with staff is highly skilled , had a great experince. Even after the surgery doctor called us for the checkup 3-5 times at intervals to check if the eyes are healthy and are healing.Really thankful for such a safe and successful procedure.

  • Simply one word for Dr. Bajaj and his team- World Class. It was an amazing experience for us….My wife got both her eyes operated for cataract and the care and treatment was incomparable. Keep it up Dr. Bajaj. You are a true Hero. Thanks.

  • IF U R LOOKING FOR A BRIGHT LIFE . this is the place for the same. Dr.Rajiv is humble and expert in his profession. I have got SMILE surgery done by him being a high myope , here is a effctive change in my life after this surgery. HATTS OFF TO HIM .

  • I got SMILE for specs removal yesterday. It is a painless and quick procedure and today my vision is 6/6. Wonderful experience. I highly recommend Bajaj eye care if you want to get SMILE. Thank you so much doctor Bajaj.

  • Visited the Centre for cataract surgery of my wife Kamal by Dr. Rajiv Bajaj .He is an excellent surgeon. Moreover, he is very polite ,well behaved and highly professional. Dr. Anisha Kapoor is also very nice and down to earth. I am fully satisfied with the treatment and strongly recommend Bajaj Eye Care Centre for eyes’ treatment.

  • I got my Lasik surgery done here on 7th Aug 2020. My eyes have been recovering amazingly well. I have got vision better than a normal human being . Dr. Rajiv is magical in what he does.He explained me the procedure and recommended the best procedure for me as per my eye condition. I was also able to avail my FHPL mediclaim without any hassle. As a client I am fully satisfied and would recommend everyone to get their Lasik done from here without having any second thoughts. Will keep you posted with my eye recovery. Thanks Bajaj Eye Care Center.

  • Extremely professional staff and doctors at Bajaj Eye Care Centre. I got a SMILE procedure done on 24th Dec 2019 to get rid of my high power in both eyes ( minus 7.5 in right eye and minus 7.75 in left eye). Dr Rajiv Bajaj changed my life and I finally got rid of bulky specs, constant dry eyes and the hassle of contact lenses. It’s been more than 2 months now and I am able to properly see everything and just got my 6/6 proof in eye check.up recently. Cannot recommend Dr Rajiv enough for eye procedures specially SMILE considering how rare and amazing this procedure is as compared to regular LASIK procedure. Thank you everyone at Bajaj Eye Centre for changing my life for the better!

  • My mother recently got operated because of stroke.. And after coming home she got infection in her eye, her eye became red, swollen and was having continuous discharge of water..she is completely on bed. So, we were searching for a doc who could come home n test her.. After consulting with so many renowned doctors who clearly said no even though I explained them her situation. Dr. Rajeev Bajaj was the only one who finally said yes and contacted me himself and took the same fees.. He proved that there are still few doctors left who don’t see petients as money bank.. Thank u so much

  • The doctor is very polite and highly professional. My wife got a Lasik done and now her vision is 6/6 and we are very happy with the results. The doctor examines the patient with patience and listens to the problems very carefully. Highly recommended.

  • I got SMILE for specs removal yesterday. It is a painless and quick procedure and today my vision is 6/6. Wonderful experience. I highly recommend Bajaj eye care if you want to get SMILE. Thank you so much doctor Bajaj.

  • 20th December 2019, i got my specs removed from Bajaj eye care center. The treatment is called SMILE. It was very convenient and not at all painful. It took me 24hrs to recover from the operation. Staff is very cooperative and understanding. So overall experience is fantastic.

  • Hi, i’m leena! I’m totally satisfied with the treatment of my Lasik eye surgery in all terms either it relate the cost of operation or of treatment. Dr. Bajaj had gives the new life to my dull eyes by lasik surgery treatment with no pain at all. Now my vision is completly awwwsumm. Thanks alot sir!! I wish you the much better achievements and successful career ahead…

  • When it comes to my eyes, I trust only the very best. Which is why I chose Bajaj Eye Care to get rid of my glasses. Their treatment is permanent, has no side effects and gave me the freedom to live to the fullest. All one can say is Thank You. Most amazing combination of Experience & Technology.

  • I got Lasik surgery from Dr Bajaj. He is an amazing doctor. His surgery has made my vision perfectly clear. Dr. Bajaj is so friendly. I would really like to thank him for my surgery. I would recommend people who want to get Lasik surgery done, should contact to Dr. Bajaj. Thankyou